In today’s fast paced, competitive environment, the need for mindful “reflective” leadership is not a nicety, but instead a necessity for personal and organizational survival and success. Regrettably, the fast paced environment in which we live leaves many leaders with the sense of confusion and isolation. This is where we can help! iNVISION Group offers personal Leadership/Executive Coaching to assist you, and the members of your team, with proven strategies that will allow each of you to reflect, to problem solve, and to grow as a purposeful leader.


During the personal coaching sessions, we will explore the following:


  • Where are you currently?

  • Where do you want to be? 

  • How do you get there?


We will explore the strategies, skills, and actions necessary to assist you towards your destination. And instead of leading by happenstance, your leadership path will be one of purposeful thoughts, actions, and habits.



iNVISION Group will deliver on the following:


    Initial Session:

  • The initial session is entitled an “Exploration Session” and is at no cost to the client

  • The “Exploration Session” typically lasts 1.5 - 2.0 hours and is intended as a rapport building and goal setting session


    Ongoing Sessions:

  • Sessions will be held at the request of the client – minimally monthly, but may also be bi-weekly, or even weekly (if necessary)

  • Additional services include 24/7 access to the Coach (as needed)


    After Each Session:

  • A follow-up email will be sent (typically within 48 hours) to each client, providing them with a summary of that session’s topics, as well as topics and items to work on prior to the next session


Note: All sessions and topics of conversation are held in the strictest of confidence. No information is shared beyond the sessions unless requested by the client.



Leadership is not a skill or characteristic possessed only by those in positions of authority. Leadership, and for that matter – leaders can be found absolutely everywhere! We at iNVISION Group will help you and your business or institution to foster and continuously group your current and proven leaders, as well as to assist you in locating, identifying, and bring your unseen leaders, and their talents, to the surface, so that all employees are working in concert and at peak performance in their respective areas for the overall betterment of your business or institution.

iNVISION Group offers two uniquely designed series of professional development trainings for leaders from all levels of your business or organization, as well as limitless customizable content, based upon the needs of our clients.




Foundations© Series


As the name infers, the Foundations Series© provides our clients with analyses and insights into their personal foundational styles and strengths. These include:


  • Leadership Styles Analysis

  • Adult Thinking Styles Analysis

  • Personal Strengths Analysis


Inspired© Series


iNVISION Group offers both short-term and long-term leadership trainings through our Inspired© Series. The Inspired© Series is a compellation of top leadership philosophies and principles in one location to maximize the time and potential of your team. These trainings use some of the preeminent leaders of our time as the foundation for personalized trainings on universal leadership topics. But, it doesn’t stop there! This series then utilizes additional research and insights to amplify the content to new and unprecedented levels.




CREATE-Ed© Customized Solutions


In addition, iNVISION Group, through our extensive knowledge and experience with current content research, curriculum development, and adult learning theory/best practices, has the ability to create new customized training and professional development content and programs based upon the specific needs of our clients.



iNVISION Group offers a full array of planning services to our clients which included: Vision, Mission, Strategic, & Succession Planning services. In addition to these traditional, and vitally important, planning processes, iNVISION Group also offers a one of a kind brainstorming/problem solving technique entitled an Amalgam© Session. All of these respective services are crafted to assist our clients to achieve unprecedented levels of success, though reflective and thoughtful preparation and implementation.



We at iNVISION Group believe that the creation and establishment of a core Vision and Mission are too often done as a matter of compliance to an established norm, as opposed to being the foundation for every thought, discussion, and decision that your business or institution undergoes. iNVISION Group will assist you and your business, or institution to not only develop and implement a core Vision or Mission, but to continue to provide support beyond it’s inception.


iNVISION Group offers a multi-session Vision & Mission Development Program, which we call the Power of 3©. The Power of 3© is a systems-wide approach to creating a core Vision & Mission that is developed on a triad which, when completed, is strategically and securely installed into the fabric of your entire business or organization. Every member of your business or institution (from your most senior leadership team member, to your most entry-level position) will know, understand, and become the embodiment of the vision and mission for your business or organization. In doing so, your business or institution will gain a clarity of purpose and direction not yet imagined.

Power of 3©


As the name infers, the Power of 3© provides our clients with a clear and concise mission statements based upon a triad that is intensely aligned to the ongoing vision of your business or institution. This package includes:


  • Personalized preplanning consultation with key senior leadership prior to the onset of the vision & mission development

  • Personalized work sessions with all key stakeholders (from various levels within your business or organization)

  • Development of a focused vision statement

  • Development of a clearly articulated mission formulated around a triad of goals that are keenly focused back to your business or institutions vision statement


Follow-up support sessions and events to guarantee that the newly developed vision and mission statements are securely established into the fabric of your business or institution




We at iNVISION Group believe that success begins with clearly defined goals which then become the blueprint for all organized discussions, decisions, and plans that allow for the foundational beliefs of your business or institution to come to fruition. iNVISION Group will assist you in crafting a clear plan for the future of your business or institution, allowing all stakeholders to share in the journey towards the final destination.


Phase 4©

iNVISION Group offers a multi-session Strategic Planning Services package, which we have entitled Phase 4©. This package is the follow-up to our Vision & Mission Development (Power of 3©) Program, but may also stand alone as a separate service. As stated, the Strategic Planning Services is a multi-month in-depth planning process, which consists of the following process:


  • Project Purpose

  • Project Objectives

  • Phase 1: Mind-Setting

  • Phase 2: Shared Vision & Alignment Creation

  • Phase 3: Vital Initiatives Planning

  • Phase 4: Plan Finalization


At the conclusion of the Phase 4© process, your business or institution will have a clearly crafted plan, as well as deliverables for the future, based upon input from all stakeholders.


Utilizing a small, yet highly effective and purposeful, group of key stakeholders, iNVISION Group will assist our clients through keen facilitation to develop a succinct and scalable Succession Process. The process will contain metrics that will assist with measuring the success of the process, while simultaneously containing mechanisms that will allow the process to be easily modified and customized to meet the every changing needs of our client and the industries to which they serve.

Download a copy of the iVG Succession Process - Summary




Amalgam© is a unique (neuroscience-centered) problem solving technique. An Amalgam© session brings together brain-based activities, micro-training/learning, and concise discussion/resolution outcomes that spark creative thoughts and solutions that may instantly be put into action.


An Amalgam© session is a structured event that fosters reflection in a mindful timeframe of 120-minutes. The 120-minute event includes: focusing, preparing, listening, learning, sharing, synthesizing, and of course…resolution.

Download a copy of the Amalgam© Problem Solving Technique - Summary  



iNVSION Group strongly believes that before one begins to implement solutions, one must first fully understand the issues and the underlying circumstances that underpin the current state and situation. With that being said, iNVISION Group offers an array of assessments and surveys that allow for a clarity of insight and understanding into the core components of the current state, so that our clients may confidently know that they (and we) are on the correct path to tackling or resolving the respective issues at hand. iNVISION Group offers three unique research-based surveys that provide insight into such areas as: Leadership, Employee Engagement, and Employee Purpose. In addition, iNVISION Group will also create customized surveys and assessments to meet the respective needs of our clients.   


Leadership Analysis Survey (LAS)

Is a 20 question (Likert Scaled) electronic survey designed to evaluate an individual’s leadership affinity. The results from the survey may then be utilized to identify “unknown” potential leaders, as well as affirm current and suspected leaders.

Leadership Analysis Survey (LAS) Overview:

  • Number Questions & Question Access: 20 Questions; Online

  • Survey Type: Quantitative

  • Focus Areas:

    • Individual Attributes – 20%

    • Emotional Aptitude – 10%

    • Transformational Leadership – 70%



Employee Engagement Survey (EES)

Is a 20 question electronic or in-person serve designed to evaluate an individual's engagement in the work at hand. The results from the survey may then be utilized to augment or amplify the current and future workplace environment. 

Employee Engagement Survey (EES) Overview:

  • Number Questions & Question Access: 20 Questions; Online (or) In-person

  • Survey Type: Quantitative & Qualitative

  • Focus Areas:

    • Workplace Satisfaction

    • Feeling Appreciated & Valued

    • Employee Retention

    • Organizational Culture




Employee Inner Purpose Survey (EIPS)

Is a 20 question electronic or in-person serve designed to evaluate an individual's purpose/passion (their 'why') regarding the work that they do. The survey utilizes Action Identification Theory (AIT) research as it's foundation. The results from the survey may then be utilized to augment or amplify the current and future workplace environment by honing in on what makes their employees 'tick.' 

Employee Inner Purpose Survey (EIPS) Overview:

  • Number Questions & Question Access: 20 Questions; Online (or) In-person

  • Survey Type: Qualitative

  • Focus Areas:

    • Analyzing Strengths and Potentiality

    • Discovering or Rediscovering the Joy for Work

    • The Intrinsic Aspects for Your Current Job/Work

    • Advancement/Improvement Towards Your Goals

    • Relationships and How They Assist You in Making Your Work Meaningful





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